A Mother's Vision...

John and Nick Masino were raised in Cherry Hill, New Jersey; the only sons of John and Mildred Masino's seven children. The pursuit of pharmacy began quite innocuously when John accepted a part time job at a local Cherry Hill store to put himself through college. Several years later, while pursuing his education and working full time, John offered his brother Nick a part time opportunity after school. John would eventually go on to graduate college and become a minority owner in another pharmacy, while Nick graduated from pharmacy school and began his career a few years later. 

Despite working indirectly with several of the same individuals, John and Nick hadn’t partnered together in their own independent endeavor. 

At any time during these years, when you’d visit with their Mom, Mildred, she would always express her desire that John and Nick bring their individual talents together in a pharmacy venture. She would enumerate her sons’ different traits and strong belief that a compliment of these attributes would serve as a successful partnership. 

While it took many years for Mildred’s vision to become reality, it finally happened in the form of Port Richmond Pharmacy, where John and Nick have combined their individual markers of success to exceed customer expectations. 

Even though  Mildred didn’t live to see her vision become reality, those of us who were fortunate enough to love her know that her influence is seen in everything John and Nick have and will continue to accomplish.

Whenever you would leave the company of Mildred Masino, she would always offer a comforting line to bridge the distance of your parting… "Bye for Now."

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that you’ll bring your family to experience ours at Port Richmond Pharmacy.

Video from an article on Temple University's "Philadelphia Neighborhoods" website
titled: Port Richmond: Pharmacy Values Community