Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I recycle my inhaler at Port Richmond Pharmacy?

Yes, you can recycle your inhaler at Port Richmond Pharmacy. When your inhaler is empty, bring it to Port Richmond Pharmacy. Recycled inhalers are re-manufactured into useful household products like plastic hangers and flower pots. The inhalers will NOT be recycled to produce new inhalers. 

2. Can I refill a prescription online and have it delivered?

Yes, you can refill your prescription online and we will deliver it for free in the local area. If you have special delivery instructions, simply fill out the special instructions box.

3. Can I refill my prescriptions online?

Yes, refilling a prescription online is quick and easy. Simply click on the prescription refills tab and fill in the required fields and hit submit. 

4. Can I request easy open caps?

Yes, Port Richmond Pharmacy offers easy to open caps for your convenience. Just unscrew the cap to open the bottle.

5. Do I need to get a flu shot each year?

You should receive a flu shot each year because the strains are constantly changing therefore it is important to get the flu vaccine every year. 

6. Does Port Richmond Pharmacy accept workmen’s comp?


7. Does Port Richmond Pharmacy administer immunizations other than the flu vaccine?

Yes, Port Richmond Pharmacy administers various vaccinations. If you have any questions or want specific information, please contact your Port Richmond Pharmacy pharmacist.

8. Does Port Richmond Pharmacy administer the flu vaccine?

Yes, Port Richmond Pharmacy administered the flu vaccine. Check our community services tab for specific dates and times regarding our Flu Shot Clinics. If you are unable to attend a scheduled flu shot clinic, you can make an individual appointment for your flu shot.

9. Does Port Richmond Pharmacy administer the shingles vaccine?

Yes, Port Richmond Pharmacy administers the Shingles Vaccine. Simply obtain a prescription for the vaccine from you doctor and call Port Richmond Pharmacy 215-426-5099 to schedule an appointment. 

10. Does Port Richmond Pharmacy have a newsletter?

Port Richmond Pharmacy has a FREE monthly newsletter. Each month features a specific health topic. You can sign up for our FREE newsletter on our home page.

11. Does Port Richmond Pharmacy have home health care products?

Yes, Port Richmond Pharmacy has a wide variety of home health care products.

12. Does Port Richmond Pharmacy provide medication flavoring?

Port Richmond Pharmacy is pleased to provide FREE medication flavoring. Our pharmacists will happily add FDA approved Flavor Rx to your medication. Choose from 20 flavors to make your medicine taste better!

13. How do I dispose of unwanted or expired medications?

Did you know that is it important to properly dispose of medicines that are no longer needed or have expired? Disposing of medications by flushing them or pouring them down the drain can contaminate our water supply. Help protect our drinking water by properly disposing of medications at an authorized drug disposal center. 

14. How do I transfer a prescription from another pharmacy to Port Richmond Pharmacy?

Transferring a prescription is easy. Provide us with your current information and the pharmacy you would like to transfer from and Port Richmond Pharmacy will call and take care of the transfer for you.

15. If I am outside of the local area, can I refill my prescription at Port Richmond Pharmacy?

Yes, if you are outside the local area, we will mail your prescriptions via UPS free of charge.

16. Is translation available at Port Richmond Pharmacy?

Our staff speaks 9 languages. Translation is available in English, Albanian, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, Gujrati, Russian, and Sign Language 

17. What insurance plans does Port Richmond Pharmacy accept?

Port Richmond Pharmacy accepts ALL insurance plans.

18. What should I do with unwanted needles/pen needles, or lancets (sharps)?

Unwanted needles/pen needles, lancets (sharps) should be placed in a sharps container or in a household container such as a laundry detergent bottle. Once the container is full, seal it and place it in the regular garbage. Do not put it with recycling. 

19. Where can I find information about special events?

You will find a drop down menu under the services tab. Click on community services for information pertaining to special events.

20. Where can I find Port Richmond Pharmacy’s store hours?

Simply click on the contact tab. Store hours will be listed on the left hand side.