Sep 07

September is National Cholesterol Education Month

What is Cholesterol?  
Cholesterol is a fat-like material in your blood. Your body makes its own cholesterol, but you also get it from the foods you eat. Eating foods that are saturated with fat can cause you to have too much cholesterol in your blood. Cholesterol can build up on the inside of the blood vessels of your heart. Cholesterol build up can prevent proper blood flow through the heart causing a heart attack. 

Types of Cholesterol 
There are several types of cholesterol. HDL is good cholesterol. HDL cleans your arteries and protects against heart disease. 
LDL is considered bad cholesterol because it sticks to the walls of your arteries, and clogs up blood flow. 
Triglycerides are another form of fat in your blood. High levels of Triglycerides can raise your risk of heart disease.

Tips to lower Cholesterol
Limit consumption of fatty foods
Eat more fruits & veggies
Cut back on high cholesterol foods

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