Facility Services

Masino Health Care, LLC was born from the surname of its founders. It has long served as merely the legal entity to its trade name of Port Richmond Pharmacy. 

Masino Health Care has now built on the success of its retail trade to emerge from the shadows of its Port Richmond store to offer a diversified portfolio of services. 

Those services include a personalized approach to the comprehensive health care demands of individuals who are facility bound. We are not only sensitive to the individual, but to the logistics of their program requirements. 

Masino Health Care has assembled an experienced group of business professionals empowered with the autonomy to make executive decisions. There is no hierarchy. No corporate red tape; just a compassionate focus on eliminating obstacles to achieve success. 

We realize you have a choice. We hope that choice is Masino Health Care.

All Masino Health Care pharmaceutical services are administered through the Port Richmond Pharmacy.

Pharmacy Services

  • Online ordering available through our secure facility portal
  • Free delivery customized to your needs
  • E-prescribing accepted
  • All insurance plans accepted
  • Blister Packaging
  • Generic medications available
  • Free medication flavoring
  • Multiple mailing options available to service beyond discharge
  • Our staff can provide translation in: Albania, Spanish, Polish, Italian, English, Portuguese and Gujrati

Records and Billing

(Please contact John Masino for inquiries)

  • Billing & Insurance specialist on staff
  • Monthly Medical Administration Records (MARS) available
  • Monthly Physician Order Sheets (POS) available
  • Monthly Statements generated
  • Up to the minute account balances available
  • Individual labeling for Over the Counter products

Health and Wellness

(Please contact William Galson for Health and Wellness inquires)

  • Educational Seminars available upon request
  • Free educational resources available upon request
  • Vaccinations available

Our Business Team

Because experience matters, Masino Health Care has a team of seasoned professionals to make every business relationship successful.

Gerry Masino

Director, Human Resources/Customer Relations

• Earned a BA from Stockton State College and did
  graduate work at Rutgers, New Brunswick 
• Educator for fifteen years; first as an elementary school teacher,
  then as a director of an English as a Second Language School
• Fifteen years of experience in Customer Service, first as a
  Corporate Trainer and then as an Account Executive
• Joined her brothers Nick and John Masino at Port Richmond
  Pharmacy in 2005 
• Enjoys spending time with family & friends, reading,
  travel & rock concerts