Hear What Our Customers Have To Say

I thank Kristie the Pharmacist for her patience in teaching me how to use my Inhaler. Thanks to her I can breathe.

Ann Marie Gillespie

Thank God for this pharmacy. I left my pills down the shore and of course I panicked. Nothing to panic about – Nick straightened all my medicines out and saved the day. Thank you Nick.

Anna Grodek

You can get prescriptions filled, greeting cards, Ice cream, candy, groceries you name it, this pharmacy has it.

Carol Barr

I am a shut in. I call not only my prescriptions in but greeting cards and Asher’s candy. They even wrap little gifts up for me. Thank you Port Richmond Pharmacy.

Cecelia Cook

This pharmacy has helped me so much. Being a diabetic, I never used a needle. The pharmacist game me confidence using the needle, measuring and checking my sugar.

Jadwiga Czemchajlo

John went out of his way to help straighten out my insurance problem.

Kathleen Ralston

I’m very happy with the service.

Lorraine Cigler

After being discharged from the hospital, all of my medications were changed. Thanks to the pharmacy, everything is back to normal.

Suzann Walker